Week of July 8th, 2024



New roma production in the East is starting in TN, NC, and VA but volume is going to be very light for the first 10 days.  Western supply remains very limited for good quality and market is extremely tight.

New crops throughout the East and the Northeast will get started this week and next that will improve supply and quality.  California is still steady, but quality is just fair and the Mexican supply is very inconsistent with mostly smaller fruit.  Market will stay raised for another week and then start to loosen by the middle of the month.

Grape production is expected to start improving with new crops in NC, TN, and VA getting started.  However, the western supply is very poor right and market is very tight for good quality.  Sizing in the new regions will all be bigger for the first 7-10 days.


Squash quality in the south is good, we started new fields today.  We also got a little rain over the weekend which perked our fields up.  The north has spotty quality and low yields (especially zuccs).  Mexico supply will remain bad after back to back hurricanes.  Expect the market to strengthen, but no major jumps are expected.

Cucumbers are in transition from the south to the north.  Michigan will continue to have limited supply for another 10-14 days, due to poor growing conditions.  Mexico is getting hit with a second hurricane that will hurt an already limited supply.  Expect the market to strengthen until Michigan starts picking better volume.

Bean supply has fallen off due to excessive heat in the south and rain in the north.  The heat is causing bloom drop and rain is hurting quality.  Expect the market to remain firm for at least another 10 days until we get into new plantings.

Bell Pepper quality and supply is minimal.  High heat in the south has forced fields to finish early.  We have new fields starting in the next 10 days, but yields will be low.  New Jersey is getting started this week but demand is exceeding supply and Michigan is still about 2 weeks out.  Expect the market to remain strong until then.