Week of September 18th, 2023



Roma production is light in the East as plantings are slowing down with the cooler temperatures.  Western crops are steady but production is much lighter then typically and will only lighten up as we get into the Fall.  Quality is just fair everywhere and market is tight.

Round tomato production has slowed down and quality is just fair throughout the Eastern growing regions.  New crops in South Carolina and South Georgia will be starting over the next 2-3 weeks but will be light with the cooler temperatures.  Sizing is starting to get smaller as well with mostly older plantings be harvested.

No big change in the grape production as crops are just steady along but light in volume.   Western supply and quality is marginally better, but some older crops in the East will start finishing up and market will remain tight until Florida starts in early November.


Squash in the north this week will slow due to cooler nights. NC, SC and Georgia are all picking squash, so we expect overall supply to be good.  There is heavy white fly pressure in Georgia, that could hurt supply as NC and SC weather becomes too cold.  We have our North Florida farm starting mid October to help bridge that gap, but markets could strengthen during that time.

Cucumber quality and supply is good in NC.  Georgia has started in a small way and volume will continue to improve over the next week.  With Mexico also picking good volume, the market is weakening.

Bean supply will slow in the North and North East due to the cool weather. We expect the market to strengthen as we transition south to Georgia, which will start October 5th.

Bell Pepper quality remains good.  Temperatures in the north are cooling so yields are slowing.  We will continue to have pepper in NC, but plantings are smaller.  SC has started this week, but volume will remain light until next week.  Georgia will start late October, but volume is expected to be lighter due to rain and wind damage from Hurricane Idalia.  The market has a good potential to strengthen if the north finishes before Georgia starts.