Week of November 20th, 2023



Quality continues to be poor and supply very inconsistent out of the West with the right quality demanding a much higher price.  Their new crops start in January.  Florida will try to bounce back this week from excessive rain and high winds that will create a split market there as well based on quality.  Florida supply will be down this week from the higher shrink, and will see a dip in production again in 3-4 weeks from bloom drop caused by the high winds.

Western supply is small and quality is just fair as they wait for new crops to get started in Culiacan.  Florida quality will be down in Central from the rain for 7-10 days and new crops in South Florida are still TBD.  Market is raised for good quality and size but may loosen back after the Holiday.

Current Florida market supply was hurt again this past week from all the heavy rains throughout Central and South Florida.  Older crops finishing in Central are now fighting some bacteria and disease pressure; while new crops are going to have bloom drop and be delayed.  Western supply has been extremely tight with poor quality and size.  New Western production will not start until late December, with consistent volume not expected until mid-January.


Squash quality and production has been hurt by heavy rain and flooding in Florida last week (8-12 inches). We expect supply to be light for the next couple of weeks and then volume should pick back up.  Georgia is mostly done. Mexico supply is light, but should pick up next week when new fields start to pick.  Expect the market to remain firm until then, especially on yellow squash.

Cucumber production has slowed due to rain and wind damage in Florida last week.  Quality and yields will improve in the next 7 to 10 days. Georgia’s season is coming to a close.  Mexico will start to pickup in volume as we get closer to December.  Expect the market to remain firm until then.

Bean supply has temporarily improved, but the rain and flooding next week will hurt supply around December 6th.  Then again mid January when there will be a planting skip.  Expect the market to weaken post holiday, but to then strengthen again in December.

Bell Pepper is winding down in Georgia for the end of their season.  Florida quality and supply has been hurt by heavy rain flooding.  Quality will be hit or miss for another week, then should begin to clean up.  Expect the market to remain firm through this week, but as we get closer to December we could start to have promotable volume.