Week of May 13th, 2024



Florida supply will be good this week with good quality.  Mexico crops are still light supply with their new crops in Central Mexico starting very slowly.  Volume should improve out West over the next few weeks but market will be tight as the Florida crops are expected to start winding down.

Florida round supply is strong with good quality.  Volume will stay steady for the next 10 days and then start to wind down as the crops begin to transition into Georgia and South Carolina.  Western supply should improve this week and next.

Some new crops in North Florida are getting started this week with very minimal volume.  South Florida is finished up and Central Florida is going to start slowing down over the next 10 days.  Western supply is flat as new crops are getting going and older fields are finishing up.


Squash supply remains good, but rain in Georgia over the next 3 days could hurt supply. Central Florida and North Florida are still picking, but are on the backside of their season and will see volume slowing.  Over the next week we could see the squash market strengthen, however no major jumps are expected.

Cucumbers are picking in Florida and Mexico. Georgia is getting started in a small way. Quality is good out of most areas, but Mexico quality is hit or miss.  If Mexico starts crossing fewer cukes due to the cheap market and poor quality, we could see the market strengthen within the next 7-10 days.

Bean quality is good but heavy rain in Georgia could hurt supply and quality this week. Florida will be finishing up in the next 10-12 days.  No major jumps in the market are expected.

Bell Pepper is starting transition from Florida to Georgia.  Florida farms are quitting older fields early due to the low market and Georgia wont be in full production for 2 weeks.  The rain in Georgia could also hurt yields in the next couple of week.  During this time the market will most likely strengthen.