Week of April 1st, 2024



Florida volume is still very short with improved supply expected by the middle of the Month.  Western crops have been very light with labor limited around the holiday.  Volume should start to tick back up over this week and next, but quality has still been only fair so market will stay strong on premium quality.

Florida spring crops should be starting to go more steadily over the next few weeks.  Quality should be much improved as well.  Western supply is light after the holiday but is expected to bounce back by mid-month.  Market is very high right now and will stay raised until then.

Grape volume was decent last week but quality was hurt by the heavy rain the previous week.  Supply should stay good and quality should be much better barring more storms.  Western supply has remained better on grapes then rounds and romas, but quality was inconsistent.


Squash quality and volume is improving.  Mexico still has good supply.  Plant City has started and is pickup in volume this week. No major market changes are expected.

Cucumber volume is picking up in Florida.  Mexico’s is transitioning, but should start to pick up in volume over the next 2 weeks.  Expect the market to weaken.

Bean volume and quality has improved since heavy rains a week ago.  We expect to continue to have good supply and quality through April.  Then we will start in Georgia early May.  No major changes are expected in the market.

Bell Pepper quality is improving.  Crown fields are starting their second pick and coming up with more xxl and xl size.  Mexico supply remains slow as they transition to their spring crops.  The market could strengthen a little, but no major changes are expected.